Speaking Testimonials

Christy N.
“Michelle’s message spoke directly to me and could not have been more dead on. I feel motivated to make the changes I need to make to reach the HUGE goals I have for my life! Thank you Michelle!”

Jessica W.
“Inspirational in the aspect of her being a successful woman. An eye opener to keeping my head up and to correct my mindset.”

Pam M.
“Hearing Michelle today, made me realize how important it is to touch your sphere to increase productivity for goals. And goals are just not once a year. Look at them often. Thank you, Michelle! I really enjoyed you and hope to be as successful as I can be following your guidelines!”

Rhonda C.
“After hearing Michelle speak today, I feel a new energy – empowered! Thank you so much for sharing things that will help me set goals and achieve them!”

Lori G.
“Michelle reminded me of what I must do to change my business.”

Teasi C.
“Michelle is a uniquely incredible person. Thank you Michelle!”

Julie N.
“Michelle reminded me of what I know to do and I believe reading her new book, Selling Simplified, will help to jump-start my new momentum.”

Amanda R.
“I enjoyed the hands on interactive pieces such as the card and goal sheet. I feel better about moving forward and pursuing my goals. I especially liked the mindset segment!”

Teresa K.
“Great information to keep focused on what’s important.”

Tami K.
“Michelle always impacts me!”

Valerie M.
“Great reminders about what I need to do and being committed to doing them to make me more successful.”

Anne H.
“Your timing is perfect! I began to stray from my goals but I am headed back to the office to implement and achieve my goals!”

Talina V.
“Michelle motivated me to reach out to my database for leads, to create goals, and follow through with them.”

Thomas S.
“Insight. Great insight.”

Kyla C.
“I love how Michelle was able to teach me how to write down my goals and set a date to complete my goals.”

Mellisa E.
“Michelle is really inspirational. I always enjoy talking with her!”

Odilia C.
“Michelle taught me to believe in me.”

Amy D.
“Michelle makes me empowered. Love the motivation.”

Joyce G.
“It literally jump-started my business spirit. I’ve had so much sadness in past several years, that I quit dreaming. Thank you for today!”

Sha J.
“It takes more than working on your business to build it. You have to work on you.”

Laverne W.
“Helped me to do the things I wanted to do but always put them off for one reason or another. I am determined to get it done! No more excuses.”

Sandi B.
“Encouraging – Thank you!”

Greg D..
“Michelle taught me to take the right at the fork in the road.”

Cheryl B.
“Jump-started me to do what I need to do.”

Torry A.
“Michelle was very informative and inspiring – thank you!”

Kirk H.
“Enjoyed hearing Michelle teach today. It was inspiring!”

Addie W.
“Michelle encouraged me to be even more productive!”

Sandra B.
“I really liked how focused the time hearing Michelle speak was. Thank you!”

Robin B.
“Loved the goal setting and reward/celebration idea!”

Alyson H.
“I found Michelle to be inspiring!”

Denise T.

Cheryl D..
“Your witness for Christ success has impacted my heart. I was just evaluating how vast those areas are in my own life. My love and devotion don’t even come close to my business.”

Robb M.
“Michelle made me take steps to being less critical of myself.”

Jody H.
“Just what I needed!”

Michelle C.
“Michelle’s dedication to empowering others through faith-based leadership is food for the soul!”

Daryl P.
“Motivated me to try new things.”

Debby S.
“Michelle makes you think about things you’ve never thought about!”

Jenni W.
“Michelle impacted me today when she shared about how leaders are learners and that excellence is not by accident.”

David E.
“Michelle helped me to know how to plan goals out. Thank you!”

Mark C.
“Great job! Very inspiring to take action!”

Elizabeth G.
“When Michelle spoke about forgiveness and being grateful, I was impacted. This will help me lead my agents. Instead of being irritated that they have problems, I need to help them solve those problems. I need to be grateful that I have agents.”

Nan G.
“Very powerful tools.”

Matthew L.
“FINALLY, I have a framework for thinking about and using affirmations that I can get my head around and embrace.”

Becky F.
“Michelle is a great motivator! She made me want to reach my goals.”

Ainsley B.
“Thank you for sharing your success with us and for challenging me to follow through with my database and utilizing it to stretch myself where I need to go.”

Jennifer H.
“I can never get enough of Michelle’s passion and Christian spirit!”

Gary S.
“Michelle is very motivational for self growth and staying focused.”

Ashley B.
“Michelle taught me to create a simple system and to work that system. Also, I now realize the importance of asking for referrals and following through on what I plan to do.”

Lori D.
“Made me think about priorities and where I am at today and what I want to fix.”

Rick B.
“Energetic and inspiring!”

Erika S.
“Gave me ideas on how to improve my business. Thank you so much!”

Wallace M.
“Very inspirational! I learned about having an agent database, website building, and how to reach goals.”

Carolyn Y.
“Excellent presentation! 21 days to change a habit starts now!”

Linda S.
“Michelle is enthusiastic and inspirational with a positive attitude and Christian beliefs!”

Debra C.
“Reminded me that what I think is what I am.”

Jim F.
“I have ‘settled’ for being the best for what I do. It is NOT the best I can do. This has inspired me! Thanks!”

Tammy S.
“Made me think about how I see me versus how I should see me.”

Jay W.
“Awesome and positive presentation!”

Toni W.
“Reminded me to acknowledge and release my self-limiting beliefs! Also, helped me to define my need to goal set in order to finish strong in 2014!”

Lisa R.
“Thanks for the inspiration sweet girl!”

LaWanda B.
“She made me aware of some of my negative thinking and encouraged me to change it.”

Phil A.
“Helped me to become more aware of the NEED to have the proper mindset.”

Kelly G.
“Reminder to stay positive.”

Cindy L.
“Great presentation – always good to be reminded of how I get in my own way!”

Margie M.
“Motivated me to be positive.”

Pamela H.
“I love the reminder to be kind and positive to myself – thank you!”

Tina G.
“Motivation to speak life in every aspect.”

Melissa P.
“Try everything with 100%!”

Tammy S.
“Made me think about how I see me and how I should see me.”

Laura P.
“Remembered a project that I need to finish that I have been putting off. Loved planning the reward for accomplishing the goal!”

Carrie C.
“My greatest take away was to destroy my negative beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs. Thank you!”

Laura D.
“Reminded me about the importance of my “touch plan” and how I need to stay in contact more than I am.”

Sonia B.
“Setting a goal to achieve in 30 days.”

Kathy G.
“Made me decide to put back into play the important daily connecting to past clients and asking for referrals.”

Shannon H.
“Good information. I just need to follow through with it.”

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