Forgive Box Set

{forgive}: 9 Steps to Forgiving Those Who’ve Hurt You Most Boxset


Product Description

We’ve all been hurt by someone we love and care about. While we are left feeling the pain and anguish caused by their words or actions, they get to move on. Many times the people who hurt us don’t even realize how much damage they’ve done, but we struggle to forgive and release the pain. This 3-disk boxset is for you if you need to

  • Gain insight and inspiration from others’ stories.
  • Get the courage needed to permanently change your life.
  • Acquire scriptural guidance on how to embrace forgiveness.
  • Learn the pitfalls to avoid during the forgiveness process.
  • Gain perspective of how to achieve peace and joy in your life.

The complete 3-disk boxset shares the extraordinary stories of three people who have walked the path of forgiveness. Michelle’s story offers hope in the midst of rejection and the deep-rooted pain that comes with it—pain many men and women carry for a lifetime. There is truly a way to be whole again. And within her story, there is healing. Adonis’s story demonstrates grace and mercy serving as the stepping-stones to leading a peaceful and joy-filled life. His journey shows that getting beyond hurts—even by those who were supposed to love you most—can not only be a possibility but is a reality. And Angela’s story shares how bitterness, which can go on for a lifetime if not addressed, can eat at and destroy the very foundation of every area in a life. Her journey shows that digging in and doing the work can bring healing, no matter how far down the path of pain you have gone.