Working with Michelle

I am constantly getting inquiries from people who want to do a joint project with me. They would like to write a book with me, be a part of one of my programs, or put on a workshop with me. I receive these kinds of requests almost daily, and there are few of these proposals I have time for or that fit into my business model. In order to efficiently review these ideas, I have developed a questionnaire that will allow me and my team to evaluate your proposal and respond accordingly. Please understand that I can accept only a very small number of proposals. If I do not accept your project, it does not mean there is anything wrong with your idea. It simply means it is not right for me.

Since a large number of the proposals I receive involve writing a book, I’d like to offer a little advice. Writing books is a very poor business model as it is difficult to make money from book sales. A book should be viewed as a lead-generating tool or a tool to build credibility. If your proposal contains writing a book, you will need to discuss how you intend to use the book to 1) generate leads for a more profitable sales; and 2) how the book can be used to build credibility and how that translates into book sales and additional revenue sources. The overwhelming majority of books generate sales of less than 5,000 copies. Keep that in mind when making a proposal about writing a book.